I've been playing this supposed game hit for a couple days.. ,and honestly, i think the game is average at best. Reminds me of Thief 3 alot and I am having issues with the way the game designers have made somethings like controls in the game.
Is there not a way to DISCARD some of what you've collected?? I have looked and mostly nothing at all for that. I get tosome point and discover i have collected too much stuff.. and it freezes you and says your too encumbered?? Nice touch...Not! Very stupid.. if thats the case..then like any other game of its kind one should be able to discard ..right?
PLaying on average or normal difficulty, i am doing OK, but it seems like they made yourself way less adaptor effective then the enemy ( probably to make it a bit harder i gather ), but i find even that is done poorly. Most games you can use skill and knife with one stroke or at least have an even chance, but your character no matter what has to be like a madman to even compete.. Took me like many many tried and resaves to get through the first main building ( other side of river ..trying to find the guy I'm supposed to give the special amulet to.

Only reason i'm still playing it is this game must get better. I've played alot of games like this that work much better and even look better to me.