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Thread: Server Antivirus Suggestions

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    Server Antivirus Suggestions

    Right now we have norton enterprise. I am looking for something other than Norton since Ive been on the phone for the past hour or more trying to get them to send me the latest software since I have gold support which is going to expire.

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    Nod 32

    We switched from Norton enterprise edition to Nod32, Seems to work great and a lot less of a Ram hog.
    nod32 AntiVirus v2 - 5 User Home Package - 2 Years $168USD Works fine for Windows 2000 Server. It says home but thier tech support said in a small business like ours it would be OK.

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    NOD may not be such a good idea for an Enterprise network though.

    Server support has been very limited in my experience the past few years. It is either too expensive for everyones budgets or not effective for a reasonably priced solution, so it isn't really a solution after all then.

    Norton and McAfee are the normal choices.

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    I'd stick with Norton, and start a new subscription. McAfee, well, is a resource hog and sucks in general.
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