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Thread: LGA 775/ motherboard options

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    LGA 775/ motherboard options

    I have a SL7J5 pentium 4 processor. I am not to familiar with intel cpu's so my question is, can I put this proc in any LGA 775 or do I need to look for ones that say Pentium 4 prescott?

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    It should work in any LGA 775 motherboard that supports 800 FSB.

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    it never hurts to go to the mbo mfr site- pull down the mobo manual and/or specs - then look for CPU compatibility - most of the major sites have some sort of info to help

    use AIDA32 (google it to d/l) and a freeware mobo/CPU ID utility if you don't know what kind of CPU you have

    link here and you'll see several shortcuts to the Intel site

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