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Thread: What's the oldest computer you still use.

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    ..Now what to do with a system that weighs 30 pounds, is 20MHz and takes 4.5 cycles to complete one instruction...


    Donate it to a computer museum?

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    Ive got a Ppro 200 with 192 MB EDO in it and a pair of hard drives and another pair of cd drives. I was using it for a server and still do now and again, turned it off when it got hot outside a few months ago.

    Ive got another dual Ppro 200 server that I am in the process of refurbing to use for the same deal.

    There are a couple of 486 lappies in the house. I am also in the process of refurbing about 30 dell desktops rigs with PII 233's in them for our company to donate out to daycares, thet work great for the kids. A clean install of 98 with a bunch of games is only 477 MB on the drive.
    to many pc's to list

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