I'd like to know what the oldest computer you still use around the house/workplace to do a task and what's it's specs. Anyone that's read my posts know I don't like it much when older systems are retired...mostly because I find they are some of the most reliable systems around lol. I just had to retire a 486DX33 because it had a proprietary case and there wasn't really a way to salvage that PS/2.

The oldest computer in use right now is an 80286@20MHz dated 1983. It is used to manage my home-made backup battery and generator system and controls engine speed in regards to current demands and estimates hours of fuel left, oil changes, fuel getting old stuff like that. Runs DOS 4.0 with 8MB of ram and an old 100MB HDD and connects to the generator and sensors with the serial ports. I haven't restarted that machine in 8 months 23 days according to the timer I wrote into the program.

The oldest computer I use at least once a week now is gonna be a P133 system with 192 Megs simm EDO memory, 8HDDs on PCI raid controllers for storage, sits in a closet doing nothing but routing stuff over the network.