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Thread: Hard Drive Death?

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    Hard Drive Death?

    Hey, I do believe I just experienced a hard drive death, though it was not instant.

    At first, using a laptop near my television to access a file in the Movies folder of my storage drive on my desktop computer to play a movie, a BSOD occured with message "MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION".

    Upon reboots and more reboots, the computer BSOD'd with the same message "MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION" at one of three points:
    1. While booting
    2. While accessing root of the hard drive
    3. While accessing root/Movies directory of the hard drive

    This went on for about 15 minutes of confusion and unplug/replugging of the hard drives into either IDE slot and different PSU rails, then eventually the partition came up as corrupt or missing. The drive name is now "Local Disk" instead of "Storage" and there is no information in the Total Size and Free Space columns.

    Its nothing hugely important. I had about 6,000 songs and 12 movies on there, of which were my only copies of.

    Is there any chance that it could NOT be the hard drive causing this problem?

    I've tried installing the nVidia IDE drivers but for some reason the setup will not load correctly (no error, it just abruptly stops working after the Installshield Wizard loads)


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    Was this the storage drive on the desktop or the laptop drive? It's not clear from your post.

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