I just finsihed putting together putting together my second PC. Here is the hardware that is in it:

Pentium 950
Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe Mobo
Corsair XMS Pro PC6400 DDR2 (2gig)
Enermax NoiseTakerII 600w PSU
Evga GeForce 7900 GT KO

I have a floppy drive connected, but not the HD since I wanted to make sure I could get to a POST screen before putting the rest together.

As far as I know, the 950 Pentium is only supported with the most recent BIOS, v 3.10. I am sure this board does not have it.

Upon first boot, it gave me the message that the CPU has been changed, hit X to configure or X to continue. So I hit one of the keys to continue, then it brought me to the next screen saying there was no boot device available. Insert disk and press a key. So I inserted the floppy I made on my other PC with the new ASUS BIOS ROM file, and hit a key. It then told me to remove all disks, then hit any key. I did that, and it came back with insert boot disk. So that did nothing.

I shut it down, then the next 4 times I tried turning it on I got a blank screen, the fans and RAM lit up, but no POST screen. I guess I need to do this through a DOS prompt, but am not sure how.

Where do I go from here?

Thanks for any help guys!