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Thread: Looking for a software solution...

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    Looking for a software solution...

    I’m a user of historical government info that was sold and formatted in the dbase format. I would like to archive this information from multiple cd-roms to a dvd, which would make using this info easier. Currently, the program that utilizes this data is called “Extract,” and will not allow me to either copy the files from the cd to the hard drive & run, or copy onto a dvd to perform the same function. A user note with this program says that it is because the way the windows operating system deals with these two types of media (for the dvd). Is there some kind of patch/program I can use that would allow me to archive the data to a dvd without losing any of the functionality of this program, which is adequate for my needs? The authors of the software have no suggestions. Any help on this is appreciated, and here’s the link to what I am talking about.

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    Try Option 8 to extract and save the files to your drive ... see the instruction manual
    at the link you provided ... it should work fine according to that manual

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