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Thread: surprise! DDR266 running @ 333MHz!!!

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    surprise! DDR266 running @ 333MHz!!!

    restored my cpu to stock 3.00 GHz (200x15) because it was starting to hang up and restart after prolonged use. i will try to oc it again when i get a better cooler (i'm running on stock LOL) i'll go tomorrow to look for one. but my DDR reached almost 333 MHz when having the cpu oc'd @3,70 GHz (247x15) so, i thought, why don't i try setting the DDR to 333 MHz without oc'ing the cpu... entered BIOS, set DDR ratio to 1.66 instead of Auto (SPD) and it showed 333 MHz. bumped the DDR voltage by 0.1 V to make sure it's going to be stable, saved and rebooted. (stayed with my finger on the PSU switch to shut it down immediately and clear CMOS if anything bad happens) and... surprise... IT WORKED!!!! it seems that these low-cost no-name 266 MHz DDR modules (1x128MB and 1x256MB) can do 333 MHz without any problems... strange. anyway, now my system runs a lot smoother and this without oc'ing the CPU... i love it. going to run several passes of memtest to see if i get any errors and run the Sandra memory benchmark and i'll post the results.

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    yeap, don't be fooled by brand names

    i always buy generic for RAM, they all (mostly) comes from the same source anyways.

    the only difference is that the TOP qualities ones are sold to those brand names companies which then they resell them higher.

    and the OK, or lower qualities ones are sold as Generic.

    but now in days with all the surprus of everything, Generic RAM are as good as brand names.

    you can even do 400 Mhz and higher if you are brave enough

    it's only $39 ~ $49 bucks for 512 MB

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    thx for the advice man. because i was brave enough to run my 3.0 GHz cpu @ 3.7 with stock cooling, i tried to put my ram @ 400 MHz. the conclusion: it just can't do it. upped the voltages with another 0.1 V and rebooted. windows said some $$0#*^& file got corrupted and on the next reboot my POST showed strange chars and at the third reboot the screen went blank. probably the chips are overheating. shut the PSU down, cleared CMOS and rebooted, reset my frequencies to 333 MHz and it works fine. i was looking for a cpu cooler (couldn't find a good one) but found some copper radiator thingys to put on your RAM. they also come with thermal tape. are they good?

    ah, and... yes, generic RAM is as good as brand names. btw mine has Hynix chips w00t w00t w00t :P

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    Generic RAM is NOT as good as a quality name brand. Sure you can get a good one as you did from time to time, but don't expect that from the majority of generic sticks.

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