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Thread: Post your Sandra Lite 2005.SR3 CPU scores here!

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    Post your Sandra Lite 2005.SR3 CPU scores here!

    My specs:
    PSU: 400W, some brand you've never heard about
    MB: Gigabyte GA8-IPE1000
    CPU: Intel P4 3GHz HT 1 MB L2 @ 3,4GHz (227x15), stock cooler, case open, i clean everything every 2 months or so.
    RAM: 384 MB PC 2100 (133 MHz @ 151,8 MHz or 266 MHz @ 302 MHz if you prefer this notation, oc'd because of changing the FSB to oc the CPU, 2,5-4-4-8 timings), no-name, I know they're kinda old but till i get 1GB Dual Channel these will do
    VIDEO: Palit Daytona FX 5600 XT AGP8X (a very, very crappy card)
    HDD: Western Digital WD1200JB 120 GB 8 MB Cache
    SOUND: On-board
    NETWORK: On-board

    So, here are my scores:

    Dhrystone ALU 9906 MIPS
    Whetstone iSSE3 7042 MFLOPS

    Integer x8 iSSE2 24122 it/s
    Floating-Point x4 iSSE2 32222 it/s

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    Heres mine @ 3.6ghz
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