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Thread: HELP Upgrading CPU

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    HELP Upgrading CPU

    I have a dell Optixplex GX240. I think in has a Intel 845 chipset. The thing is i want to upgrade it from a 1.8ghz to something higher, but i dont know what my motherboard can handle.

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    This is not a good project. Dell is notorious for using non-mainstream components.
    You probably have a mobo that was manufactured exclusively for Dell.

    I would try to contact Dell and see if they can tell you what the board will support.
    I've had success doing that so who knows ?

    Then if you want to roll the dice a bit, go to Intel and see what your chipset was designed to support. No guarantees because Dell had their hands in it.

    Look for FSB and processor core (code name) support.

    Some freeware that will be helpful:

    SiSoft Sandra Click on CPU/BIOS and some support info should show
    Everest Home Edition
    PC Wizard 2006

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