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Thread: System Shock 3 in the works?

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    System Shock 3 in the works?

    By god i hope so, with that said, EA have managed to make a mess of jsut about all their previously great titles in recent years

    In the meantime, anyone hankering for a System Shock fix, here's a high res texture pack and the Rebirth mod for SS2:


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    That would be SWEET. I remember when I first got SS2, unfortunatly my Pentium 200 MMX at the time was not up to the task of running it playable AT ALL, so it stayed in my CD shelf for years, even after I had upgraded becuase I simply forgot about it.

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    I'd REALLY like to see SS3, but to me it seems just like they are keeping up with their trademarks.

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    OMG, I'd love to have a SS3... SS2 was one of the greatest games ever made! I just hope that it doesn't turn into some game that you beat in 12 hours with no replay value like all games nowadays seem to be.
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