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Thread: Large Ram Usage

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    Large Ram Usage

    I don't know why my computer uses large amounts of ram, but I just built a new computer:

    AMD 64 X2 3800+
    2GB Ram
    Dual EVGA Graphics Card
    EVGA Mobo

    For some reason, my standard ram usage is around 700-800mb and that is with mozilla and AIM opened. I don't understand why. On my old computer, it never used this much ram. I only had 512MB ram on my old computer. Does anyone know why my new computer seems to use a lot more memory?

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    You must have some "uninvited guests" running in the background or possibly some malware has come aboard.

    Assuming your using XP type msconfig in the run box, say OK and click on the startup tab...
    any freeloaders? Now click on the Services tab and hide MS components...anything running that shouldn't be?

    I would also run my virus and spy/adware scanners

    Some of the AV solutions are resource hogs. Have you changed your AV solution?

    On second thought maybe Windows is taking advantage of all that RAM and not going back to the HD for paging?
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