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Thread: Interactive PDF - fill in the blank PDF

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    Interactive PDF - fill in the blank PDF

    Does anyone know if Adobe offers a pluggin to allow users to create PDF fill in the blank forms in Acrobat. If not, are there any free ones out there for this option?

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    You're talking about the full version of Acrobat if you want to create fillable forms. you can't do it with a reader plugin.

    there are alternatives like CutePDF. the basic writer is free.

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    Not quite free, but you can do it for $39. That's quite a bit cheaper than the full Acrobat.

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    Yes, the full version of Acrobat does the trick, but a bit different from your typical GUI on Win software, so the form-building interface is a bit clunky if you build a form intuitively. The easiest is to find an already-made form to take a peek at first and even to potentially copy/paste from. But, once you've made one - or if you have a template, then it's not so bad. I've not used any of the other PDF-makers out there. Incidentally, the full version will also convert from other file formats to your PDF, so you can start by creating a Word doc or HTML doc and convert. Overall, I wasn't too thrilled with how this played out in terms of preserving the formatting.

    In fairness, I've only built two forms - have not logged tons of time on it, but it took me a lot of hours to get done what should have only taken an hour or less.

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