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    It's been a while

    I haven't built a computer in a long time so I am kind of out of date in terms knowing how to build a PC. However, I have kept up with the technology.

    I have a few questions that I hope you guys can help me answer.

    I am buying parts for my new computer and I am not sure what I need to buy on some parts.

    Here are the main parts that I bought so far... my system is going to be a SLI system...

    CPU: Athlon64 X2 3800+
    Memory: 2GB OCZ Dual Channel Platinum Memory DDR400 PC3200
    Graphics Card: (2) eVGA Geforce 7800GT 256MB
    Motherboard: eVGA 133-K8-NF41
    Hard Drive: Western Digital 74GB Raptor 10,000RPM

    I have 4 questions so far...

    1. Is a 450W PS sufficient?
    2. I know I have to buy some kind of SATA cable for my hard drive, but how fast should the SATA be able to handle?
    3. Do I need to install some sort of SATA or RAID controller card?
    4. Where do I find the SLI connector that connects my two vid cards together?

    If I am missing any other important questions relating to SATA or SLI, then please let me know.

    Thanks a lot guys.
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