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Thread: Searching through Scans?

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    Searching through Scans?

    Document Imaging. I'm not sure if it means what I want it to. I'm trying to scan about 30 or so pages of typed document, probably in times new roman, and then have the capacity to search through it using some sort of software. I've come across OCR as a means of recognizing the scans, but I take it OCR is for handwritten material and is less accurate.

    Are there any good software that will let me search within a scan? If there's any free ones that would be great, and I'm using a color epson scanner with pretty good resolution, I don't remember the model at the moment. Any information regarding the technology, and explanation would be most appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    OCR is intended more for typewritten text than hand written text. It can be very accurate, but not 100%.

    Most scanners come with CDs and include the software.

    If not, check out for something.

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