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Thread: mb combatible with both athlon xp 2000+ and athlon 64 bit

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    mb combatible with both athlon xp 2000+ and athlon 64 bit

    hey can anyone suggest a mb with moderate features( a pci express slot preferred) and can be used for both athlon xp 2000+ and athlon 64bit 2800.(not simultaneously).

    a new way to learn assembly language..good online guide.

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    there is no such thing. the chipsets are completely different.

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    Nope, no PCIe for the old Athlon, and they're not platform compatible with the new ones either.

    There is an "upgradable" board from ASRock though, start out with Socket-A and buy an upgrade card later that brings you socket-754. Stupid solution though, since the upgrade card costs more than a new mainboard.

    Seems you need to make up your mind, and either make the jump or not.

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