New Mobo, memory Memtest ? Heres part of the story from another post

I bought a new ABIT UL8 939 board. (Yes with the ULI 1889 chipset)

2 X512 PC 3200 Super Talent
160 Gig SATA Seagate
3200+ Venice
ATI 9500 Pro
Seasonic S-12 430 W PSU
DVD-R and DVD-CDRW, Floppy
Antec Sonata case
(The case and Vid card are the only old components)

Initially posted and like a dummy I had to fiddle with the BIOS right away, started installing Win XP, Missed the F6 prompt..... but that didn't matter as I soon got a BSOD. Powered down using case power switch

Cleared CMOS.... now when I hit power switch, fans spin and the motherboard lights up, but no post....and it won't power down with the case switch, I have to turn the PSU off in the Rear.

That was then and now....Well I found a problem with my ATX 4 pin power (Yes I did not snap it all the way in), that cured the power switch problem, and allowed it to post. But it would hang checking dim (Whatever that is) so I took the Super Talent out and put in some Kingston, post. I put the Super Talent back in in the outboard slots this time, and got Memtest 86+ (Ver. 1.65) running right now.

I have made three complete passes with no errors

Athlon 64 (0.09) 2046 Mhz
L1 Cache: 128K 16766MB/s
L2 Cache: 512K 4165MB/s
Memory : 1024M 2049MB/s
Chipset : Ali M1989 (ECC : disabled)
Settings : RAM : 170 Mhz (DDR341) / CAS : 2-3-3-6 / Dual Channel (128 Bits)

Is it normal for these settings in Memtest? ( I think I have optimal defaults set in BIOS)

It is 87% thru the fourth pass with no errors. how many passes are recommended? I think I will leave it all night.