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Thread: Integrated Graphics

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    Integrated Graphics

    I have an old HP pavilion Pentium III 1GHZ computer just the other day I lost my video support.. It had integrated graphics with an open AGP slot.. So I bought a cheap ATI Radeon graphics card but computer does not recognize the card automatically...

    I keep reading that you need to disable the integrated graphics in the Bios, but if you have no picture how can you change the settings?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Actually you DON'T need to disable onboard graphics with that board. The i815 chipset disabled onboard graphics automatically when a compatible AGP card was inserted, because onboard AGP graphics and the AGP slot could not function at the same time.

    It sounds like there's a bigger problem with your system.

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    Try resetting your bios by taking out the battery backup and shorting the wires (as should be in the manual for your board) If you can't figure that out just leave the battery out for several minutes, put it back in, and try booting.

    Does anyone else always spell minuets instead on minutes? I can never get those right...

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