Here's the problem:

Person loaded Mad Dog, says it's a burning software, but his DVD is just read only. so he un-installed the softeware an now no OS.

Regular boot, OS is missing.

Boot from repair disk, invalide media type. ( it particaly boots then get the error message ) I can copy the CD to my work computer an burn a new CD/DVD but get the same error. Even a different boot disk fails to boot.

Can boot from a Win95/98/XP floopy. ( only one at a time not a combo floopy boot disk ) None can see the HD or the DVD. Checked every drive letter just to make sure B, C, D, ........ Z. dir a:\ will show the floopy contence.

1: Can I place the ThinkPad's HD in a PC as a slave to run a diag?
2: Any good freeware diag tools to check HD an or MB. Tried IBM's web site but there DL section list a tool but the DL is not there, on the ftp site the folder for the program is blank.
3: Any site with this manual? IBM site has a useless manual for this....