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Thread: using hdtv/flat screen tv as a monitor?

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    using hdtv/flat screen tv as a monitor?

    In debating whether to switch from a standard 19 inch monitor to a LCD monitor, I've been looking into HDTV and other flat screen tv's w/ DVI and Svideo options. I'm currently using a radeon 8500 as my video card and it comes equipped with outputtin in svideo. I've had the opportunity to test it on a standard tv, and it's okay for movies but not nearly good enough for browsing/ word processing or any sort of detail related tasks.

    For those of you that have tried outputting to hdtv other types of flat screen digital tv's, I'd like to know if you had better results. Thanks

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    I think a computer scrren looks fine on a HDTV. We have 2 Phillips flat screen TV's. They do not have the same look as a TV because they are non-interlaced. They look very similar to an LCD screen.

    I have only played a quicktime movie (a welcome video in our reception area) and done some web browsing. The samples we view on the Plasma screen look fine.

    Our particular models have a VGA connector instead of S-VIDEO or Componet, or DVI - etc......
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    I used s video with my 9500 and regular tv.. quality blew.. Would't recomond using s video at all.
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    DVI is the way to go, looks great on the bigger screens (most displays with DVI input are quality)

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