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Thread: Help me set up a static IP

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    Help me set up a static IP

    I have a Netgear WGT624 router. It has four ethernet ports and a wireless port. I am trying to set up a Counter-Strike server on one of my computers for myself and a few local friends.

    I have all the CounterStrike server things taken care of, I only need to set a static IP of sorts and all that jazz so my friends that are not on my LAN can play as well.

    Any help would be appreciated, I will be monitoring this thread so I can reply to your responses quickly. I'll answer any question you have to help me get this going.


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    Well lets just have a guess at what operating system your running. hmm......we'll say XP although any windows machine would be very similar. Right click on network places and go to properties. From there right click on the LAN connection you want to configure and click properties. Higlight TCP/IP and click properties. Assign whatever IP you want. Gateway and DNS as well if you want internet connectivity. You can run ipconfig /all on another box on the lan or the machine your working on before you change over to static IP, to find gateway and DNS info. Gateway will be the router address. DNS depends. Will either be your ISP's DNS servers or your routers address if it is setup to forward.

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