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Thread: Coke + Radeon 9800 Pro

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    Coke + Radeon 9800 Pro

    They don't mix. Friend was dusting out computer when coke spilled over him and his keyboard/open comp. After ridculing him for about 15 minutes I come over and find that he's tried to start the computer up again after the coke dried....

    Graphics are a bust, looks like the last time I saw a corrupt BIOS, bad characters in the POST, then srtipped lines all over the screen when Windows boots up.

    Told him to shut it off, I cleaned the card with Isopropic alcohol just to make sure it was dead...same thing happens. Anything else I can do? Going to get him a same level card (6600GT, little better, less money atm) but I want to make sure this card is dead. Computer works fine with other vid cards (AGP and PCI).

    Only reason the vid card was damaged was that it's the only horitonal surface in the case to catch liquid.
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    It's dead. Might as well get a new card.

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    Beer and motherboards don't mix either, as I've discovered to the detriment of my old K7S5A. I really need to waterproof my computer equipment

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    Don't you mean beerproof?

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