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Thread: usb problems >>> restart

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    usb problems >>> restart

    running windows xp

    there seems to be a problem with my usb port, any plugins like a usb stick or digital camera reader causes the computer to restart when its plugged in. i've tried turning the computer off and pluggin in the usb stick and then booting up, but then windows is stuck on its bootup screen, the screen is frozen since the little blue bar is scrolling and "thinking". i'm wondering if the computer is having a hard time reading from the usb like a inconsistent driver problem but I don't remember making any changes that would have caused that. that's my spiel, all suggestion are greatly welcomed, thanks for reading.

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    Could you please let us know your system specs? It is like troubleshooting in the dark when you give us incomplete info. But to quickly answer your question I suggest that you double check the connection between your mobo and/or USB PCI adapter card and the USB port in question. Check to see if the corresponding pins on the port is connected to the properly pins on the mobo and/or PCI adapter card. If not, then rearrange them to their proper corresponding connections! Sometimes the case manufacturers do not arrange their USB connectors in accordance to the way motherboard manufacturers assign their USB connectors.

    You would have to read up your manual and use a DMM(Digital Multi-Meter) to trace the connections. Good luck!


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    Is this a new system? Has it always been this way?

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