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Thread: PC Power and Cooling service is awesome

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    PC Power and Cooling service is awesome

    I had a PC Power & Cooling 510 Deluxe for some reason it fried and so did my 1100 Va UPS, but luckily the rest of the computer still works fine. I was bummed, and I was going to see if I could get PC Power & Cooling to send me a PS as fast as possible I didn't want to wait around for a month or 2 with out a PS for my Computer. I was surprised I did not even have to mention that to them they sent me a new Power supply before they received mine and they also sent a pre-paid label for me to send the old damaged Power Supply back to them they didn't even require me to give them a credit card. I will continue to do buisiness with these guys from now on.
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    I stumbled across their site just this week.

    They make replacement psu's for proprietary Dells.

    They never returned my email but still seem like a nice site.
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    When I build my next rig on a 64 bit system, I think I might just bite the bullet and get the 510. I've never read a bad review about's a rock.

    Thanks for the info, Soul. It's just too bad there aren't more companies out there like that to help us in a bind and/or on a budget...

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