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Thread: GA-7n400 L voltage help

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    GA-7n400 L voltage help

    I have a GA-7n400 L motherboard in my wifes box and I noticed that it is running the vcore for a xp3000 at 1.70 when it should be 1.65. I went to bios and there is only a way to turn it up more by %. Anyone no of a fix for this? Isnt over volting a cpu a bad thing?

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    well you can not undervolt my friend.....

    differ volt reading because the 1.65v in the bios setup......but when window boot up... it read at 1.7 that normal.. so dont worry about it...

    you can not go under volt on these cpu.. sorry

    yup.. you can only add more volt but can not reduce it... cpu base standard./.. 1.65.v can not go under but can goes higher which translate into higher volt= more heat... so dont cook it ok
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    This is a known fault on 7n400 series boards (fixed by some of the later version boards). You'll find the first % increase step in the bios makes no difference to the voltage as it's already at this first step!

    Nothing you can do about it, so don't worry - if you are overclocking overvolting is very helpful, plenty of people are runing 1.65V chips at 1.8 volts and above. At 1.71 volts you are unlikely to cause any damage (you might reduce the life expectany to 15 years - but I doubt you care about that).

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