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Thread: Budget computer

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    Budget computer

    Hello. I'm sure this has been asked a million times but I'm trying to build a budget computer for my girlfriend. Her budget is 400-500 (this includes shipping) dollars on a computer(excluding monitor). All what she needs this computer for is to check her email and play little online games so an awesome performace machine is not necessary. Could you guys recommend me some quality components? Also, she's looking to get a flat panel monitor around 17". i'm not sure how much shes willing to invest in that but i guess around 150-225ish. Thanks in advance

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    For a general purpose computer, I always recommend first taking a look and see what Dell has to offer. I'd never recommend dell for a gaming machine, but for her needs they do quite well, and many times end up being less expensive than building one, especially if she wants a monitor as well.

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