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Thread: sister's computer won't bootup

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    sister's computer won't bootup

    I need help to identity why me sister's computer won't bootup anymore. It was just fine yesterday until today she came back and her computer just shows a black screen. I thought a reset might work but it stilll wouldn't bootup anymore.

    There is no beeping sound like before when i powerup the computer. I thought it was the PSU but the cpu, powersupply and motherboard fans still work except for the rear case fan, i dunno why though.

    I tried some really basic stuff..

    - clearing the CMOS
    - putting slave HD as primary thinking primary HD is dead
    - switch the power connector on the primary HD
    - I rehooked all the fans + cpu connectors

    The post codes on the Epox-8RDA3 mb says "FF" which according to the manual means Boot attempt (INT 19h).

    I'm not sure what the problem is since it's late at night and i don't want to tamper around with it anymore. But i think it might be a dead cpu because the CPU heatsink is really cool to touch and is not warm at all.

    I would like some advice on what should i do to minimize what is the problem. If it's either ram problem, cpu, video card or even a dead motherboard? All i know now is when i press power button the monitor just goes blank and the case HD activity light is constantly orange and the CD-ROM burner light is constantly green.

    Thanks for any help.

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    did you check the capacitors on the board?

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    Unplug the wire from the outlet to the PSU and then cycle the switch on the PSU on and off a few times ( if it has one ), if not just leave it unplugged for a minute or 2. Try to turn it on again.

    FF could indicate CPU as well, reseat it. Might want to try to clear the BIOS and try again as well

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    No the capacitors are okay it seems. There is no bulging or leakage i can see. I never overclock her computer or anything and it's been perfectly fine 2 days ago.

    @crossedup, i did what u suggested still doesn't work.

    I tried these basics today.. and still didnt work.

    - took out battery leave it out and put it back in
    - replugged all the power cables
    - stripped down to CPU, video card, 1 memory still doesn't work no comp beep sound
    - reinsert the video card
    - re-seated the memory to another slot and memory is not burnt

    I'm lazy so tomorrow i will try taking out motherboard and it might be the CPU.

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    Try downloading a fresh BIOS and flash it, even if its the same one.

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    bad power supply?

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    Test the PSU or switch it. Just because fans are working doesn't mean the PSU is good.

    It's really easier then you might think.

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