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Thread: digital temperature/fan-control with LCD for PC, selfmade

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    digital temperature/fan-control with LCD for PC, selfmade

    It is done, a final version of a guidance how to built up this fan/temperatue-control is available now
    for the Download. (press button "Auf gehts" to start download)
    Here you can find some pictures and a detailed desription in english

    the main characteristics in the overview:

    - by micro-controller digitally regulated fan/temperature-control,
    regulation works 100% independently of the operating system (e.g. Windows...)
    - with up to 8 sensors the temperatures of the PC's are supervised and
    the speed of the fan's is adapted automatically
    - very exact temperature sensors with a accuracy of 0,1C
    - several safety functions protect against overheating the computer-hardware
    - low-loss control of the fans by pulse-width-modulation
    (PWM), saves energy and produces no additional heat
    - the fans can be regulated into a range from 40% to 100%
    - indicate the fan's "rpm" also in PWM mode,
    over the whole work area
    - USB-interface
    - also for watercooling suitable!
    - displaying of all values on LCD 1*20/2*20/4*20 (temperatures, fan's "rpm", alarm status...)
    - simplest operation over only 2 keys
    - very flexible configuration possible (alarm temperatures, sensor-fan config, hysteresis...)
    - store of all settings in eeprom

    Sorry for the bad english, i will try to improve the translation but it is a little bit hard for me. Maybe someone can help me?

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    If someone are not able to connect to my website and want to get the "HowTo built this Fan-Control", please simply send me a email to "" with subjekt "HowTo Fan-Control" and i will send you the full archive containing a screenshot of my website, all plans and the HowTo.

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    Tweaking a pc!
    Thanks, then on my next computer buld i will get one with a ditigal temp thingy!

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    A "small" update of the project:

    1.) Instead of a normal Text-LCDs (HD44780 etc.) also a graphics LCD can be connected now, with that some more information can be indicated at the same time. I used a GLCD with the controller "T6963C" (240 * 64 pixel) here.

    Here is a short video: Video of the GLCD (press button "Auf gehts" to start download)
    Description of the GLCD: Regulation with GLCD

    2.) The software for Windows is now also almost ready. At this time all dates of the regulation can be indicated and adapted (temperature-, fan-, regulation dates as well as all configuration data: temperature limits, sensor-fan config, etc.).
    As next a small interface comes for the software "Samurize" included, with that everyone can represent the dates graphical likes he want to.
    You find a precise description and even further information here: Windows Software

    The most important enlargement is to be let indicate all dates in a diagram. With that one gets a very good overlooks about the regulation behavior and with that whether all attitudes are correct.
    The diagram can be stored if required with a right click as a graphics file.

    3.) With this enlargement bigger fans (>2W) or several can be connected at the same time. in total 6 fans with each 10 W can be connected.

    Description of the fan enlargement: fan enlargement

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    Nice work there, good pictures.

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    Just a short update of this project. I have added support of a new graphic LCD:

    graphic LCD during operation ( all data scrolling from down to upward ):

    the setup menue on graphic LCD:

    Mode choice by pressing switch:

    on this graphic LCD I have tested now a diagram function:

    short movie of diagram mode:

    download movie ( to start download click on button "auf gehts" ): graphic LCD -> diagram mode

    Link: graphic LCD with "SED1520"-Controller connected to fan control V1.4d

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    Ok here are now a final update of this project.

    I have reworked the hole Windows Software V1.8 and added many new feature.

    I have finished 2 extension for this project:

    - "8 channel light control" -> "8 channel light control"
    - "Emergency shutdown / alarm output / pump check" -> "emergency shutdown"

    extension: "8 channel light control"

    - With this extension can 8 additional light channels manages and to be programmed own light sequences. Here a short sample movie: light sequence. ( to start download click button "starte download" )
    - it can be also showed the speed of a fan as bar graph or as a binary value
    - alle settings can be done in windows software:

    extension: "Emergency shutdown / alarm output / pump check"

    The emergency shutdown works in this case not over the Windows software but ove the connection "power switch" of the main board. Through that the emergency shutdown is independently of Windows and works much more secure with that.

    - With this extension the PC can in the alarm case shutdown or completly switch off.
    - In Addition there is another relay with that on the extension an additional fan or a pump in the alarm case can be activated.

    In the case of following alarms the emergency shutdown is activated:
    - temperature of a sensor rise over the defined value ( overtemp. )
    - a temperature sensor turned out
    - rate of a pump or flow sensor lies under the defined value or completely breaks down

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