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Thread: Flash Drives - System Restore Fix

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    Flash Drives - System Restore Fix

    Just wanted to share this tidbit. I just got a Lexar Jumpdrive Secure from work. It's only 256MB, but the price was right (free).

    For some reason, winxp detects it as a local disk instead of a removable drive. It still works like any other flash drive, but I noticed the space filled up really quickly even though I hardly had anything on it. System Restore was enabled for the flash drive, so I just had to Turn off System Restore for that drive from My Computer - Properties. Voila!

    If you go between multiple computers, make sure to disable it on all of them.

    You won't see the system restore info unless you show all files and unhide protected operating system files. That probably messes up a lot of people, since they wouldn't normally see the folder.

    I've used this fix before, but I figured someone else out there would appreciate the 411.
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