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Thread: Which fan to use?

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    Which fan to use?

    I bought a micro atx mobo (Asus MEW-AM) and i have a socket 370 celeron 500 Mhz. Which kind of fan should I buy? I just want a decent one, nothing spectacular. I am just worried because there are so many fans and heatsinks out there, I am afraid I might buy the wrong one.

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    Pretty much any socket 370/socket a heatsink and fan will work.
    the celly 500 isn't a really hot chip so you don't need much. I would get a heatsink that might apply to the next processor you get in socketA/370 (I tend to favor overkill heatsinks) you should expect to pay around $5 to $15 for one with a 60mm fan without shipping (free if you have some friends that have old computor junk piles).
    Ball bearing fans are much preferred as they last quite a bit longer than sleave bearings. has a pretty good comparison of older heatsinks
    beware of the high flow/high noise fans and expensive heatsinks used in some of the tests you just won't need them for this processor.
    A good addition is some arctic silver or ceramique heatsink paste, (I always remove the thermal pad that typicaly comes with the heat sink) some form of pad or paste is essential however (don't put a bare heatsink on the processsor and expect it to work well, or long).

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