Doing research for my little brother.

I have him Morrowwind for Christmast last year, but I guess things haven't worked out too well at home.(he never studies... :>)

Anyways. I'm to bribe him now, as all good older brothers should, with somethign cool. He begs of my dad to replace his stupid 8 meg ATI graphics card. ... well so do I when I go home for Christmas.

Anyways. Morrorwind game at point here.

My brothers birthday is coming up in about 2 months. I'd love to bribe him with a nice graphics card(ok cheap... but better than that 8 meg ATI)

Are therea any cool bets? I was hoping for a ~50 dollar range NVIDIA. That blows goats over that 8 meg ATI. NVIDIA mostly because my hole family is inept, and wanted to get something that the driver download is ludicrusly slimple. Doing support here, I've found that NVIDIA rocks in that manner, just one download for pretty much 99 percent.

Anyaays, any recommendations? I have this computer with a GeForce 440mx 440, 128 meg, but I figure even those are older than something you can buy for ~50 bucks

Help the little brothers. Give me some advice. I'm not a hardware dude, but know you guys(and gals) are out there.