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Thread: Everything must go sale... always adding.

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    Everything must go sale... always adding.




    For sale: 14k Yellow Gold Six-Prong Solitaire Setting with a 0.32-Carat Marquise Diamond with Wedding band. Very Good Condition. Not sure of total weight of both rings. The Engagement ring is .32-Carat. Must sell unfortunatly. Was never my intention to sell this set but it's now a MUST. Paid $1000.00 + for the set. Asking: $650.00 for the set. Both rings very special to the family, but, in bad times.


    Mushkin Enhanced Blue Series 'MATCHED' 2x256 (512MB) DDR400, PC3200: WILL RUN IN DUAL MODE

    Manufacturer: SAMSUNG
    Model: M3 68L3223ETM-CCC
    Size: 256.00 MBytes
    Default Speed: 200.00 MHz
    Timing: 8-3-3-3



    ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128MB - Card completely stock but flashed with Warp11's Unlocked Bios for Overclocking etc. Runs excellent. No artifacts. Default core:274, Memory:270. Will clock as high as 390, 315 [630DDR] (Depending on your system's cooling). Those are highs my system allowed it to hit. Yours may vary higher or lower.
    $125.00. No DOA. (When card is loaded and detected by Windows it will report itself as a 9700 Pro, due to the Warp11 BIOS.) Pending rourkchris

    More info on the Warp11 Bios Here


    Kodak DX3600 2.2 Megapixel Digital Camera

    CompactFlash card 32MB (8MB Internal)
    Kodak Camera Dock
    Rechargeable NiMH batteries Included
    Small camera bag

    Kodak's DX3600 Zoom sits comfortably upon, ergonomic, USB camera dock/recharger. The front button launches imaging software and upload utilities on connected computer.

    Basic Features

    2.2-megapixel CCD (Good for prints to 8x10 inches)
    Optical viewfinder
    1.8-inch color display
    2x optical zoom lens (equivalent to 35-70mm)
    3x digital zoom
    Built-in flash
    Internal 8MB storage
    CompactFlash memory 32MB
    USB computer connection
    NiMH AA Rechargeables
    Camera Dock
    Kodak Picture Software for Mac and PC

    Special Features

    Digital video and audio
    Macro (close-up) lens setting
    Self-timer option for delayed shutter release
    Slide show playback feature
    30mm body threads for lens attachments (Kodak sells a 30mm-37mm lens thread adapter to permit use with standard accessory lenses)
    NTSC video cable for viewing images on a TV
    Direct digital printing (from the card) on DPOF compatible printers

    Left Side
    Right Side

    Asking $225.00 shipped. In excellent condition.


    RCA RP8075RS 5-Disc CD-Changer

    Optical Digital Output
    20 Key Remote Control
    Motorized Drawer Loading 5 CD Changer
    Dual 16 Bit D/A Conversion
    4X Oversampling
    CD Simultaneous Play-and -Load System
    Direct Disc Access
    Disc Skip
    Multi Mode Shuffle/Repeat
    32 Track Programming
    32 Track Automatic Track Skip Programming (ATS)
    Next/Previous Track Selection
    Audible Scan Forward/Reverse
    Vacum Florescent Display
    1/4" Stereo Headphone Jack with Volume Control


    Used about 5 times. In perfect condition.
    Manual and remote included.EXCELLENT CONDITION!

    DVD's All in excellent condition!!!

    The Ring 'widescreen': $8.00

    I-Spy: $8.00

    Planet of the Apes 2-disc special edition: $8.00

    K-19 The Widowmaker 'widescreen collection': $8.00

    Scanners: $8.00

    S.W.A.T. 'widescreen special edition' $8.00

    Freddy vs. Jason: $8.00

    The Cell: $8.00

    Bad Boys II: $8.00

    8-Mile 'widescreen': $8.00

    Dirty Dancing 'collectors edition': $8.00

    Cast Away 'special edition 2-disc set': $8.00

    Hollow Man 'special edition': $8.00

    Men of Honor 'special edition': $8.00

    Charlies Angels 'special edition': $8.00

    Men In Black II 'widescreen special edition': $8.00

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind 'The collectors edition 2-disc set': $12.00

    Jurassic Park III 'collector's edition': $8.00


    REF: HEATWARE: " SWEEPER " , Positive Evals 83 , Neutral Evals 0 , Negative Evals 0

    Paypal Verified

    Thanks for looking. If you took a peek bumps are appreciated.


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    Since I can't edit my post to keep updating it I have added more items here:


    Vantec Aeroflow HSF for Pentium 4 Socket 478 - $20.00

    Sapphire RADEON 9000 PRO ATLANTIS 64MB DDR

    Memory: 64MB DDR
    Clocks: 275Mhz / 275Mhz
    Process: 0.15
    Transistors:: 36M
    Fillrate: 1.10GB/s
    Mem. Bandwith: 4.40GB/s

    $40.00 shipped
    OEM - Card Only


    MotoGP - $12.00

    MotoGP 2 - $15.00 (Purchase both MotoGP games for $20.00)

    ESPN 2K5 - $17.00

    ESPN 2K4 - $12.00

    ESPN 2K3 - $10.00 - (Purchase all 3 ESPN Games for $30.00)

    Oddworld Munch's Oddysee - $12.00

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