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Thread: Bad EBAY experience--beware!!!

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    Get real ........ Your not in court.

    Keep the money & forget about it

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    that is why i always look at the feedback rating first , and then if it good, and then if get a bad product, then i leave a bad feed back i get my moeny back
    buy the cheeseman

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    Originally posted by eshort
    This wld be great one for Judge Judy--I sent a perfect radio and probably will end up having to refund most of the money to a party claiming radio defectrive/broken on receipt.

    the issue is---how can each party prove their case? I can say the radio was perfect at shipment-but how wld i so document that in court?

    keep tuned
    If the guy doesn't send it back there is no case. No company anywhere is required to offer a refund without the product returned first no matter the situation unless it was their policy to do so. If the radio is returned you should check the serial # before offering a refund. When I photograph anything for ebay auction I make sure and take a picture of any lablel, markings or flaws too.

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    Originally posted by j.m@talk
    Get real ........ Your not in court.

    Keep the money & forget about it
    gosh, you sound so british...

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    Originally posted by mireland
    gosh, you sound so british...

    what sensible (joke)

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    yeah--it is for real

    im holding firm on demanding return of radio before any refund is issued.

    i pointed out that terms of sale included "sold as is-no refunds"--and--as a courtesy to buyer, I insured the shipment.

    I think the guy broake the radio and is scamming for a refund!

    stay tuned.......

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