Sold shortwave portable radio on EBAY--buyer paid via money order.

Radio was checked just prior to shipment and was OK .

About 5 days later- i receive email frm buyer--he wass irate--- etc becasue the radio allegedly arrived dead with the case broken.

I replieds stating radio checked/fine as shipped and any damage my telephone machine and hanging upmust have occurred in transit--i advised him to file claim wth usps (shipper) as unit insured for shipment.

since then- we have exchanged emails--he has been very nasty (posted negative feedback to my EABY account without trying to finally resolve the matter using very accusatory languaue)

In summary- he is demanding a refund..and..wants refund in his hands before returning radio.

Additionally- he has been calling my answering machine several times per day and hanging up (no message)...and has threatened to involve his lawyer!

The matter was referred to EBAY's 'Square Trade" medication service--they havent helped much..

Does this sound like a scam? I note the buyer has another radio for sale similar to mine...buyer claims mine was purchased "using funds from a church for a wheelchair-bound handicapped person"--if this is true--why doesnt he give his EBAY advertised radio to the handicapped individual?

Either buyer trying to get another radio for free-or radio damaged by USPS (buyer claims he took radio to USPS who "insisted" they did not damage actual ckaim filed..)

Anyway- have decided to give the I want to maintain my near perfect EBAY rating (altho negative feedback has already been polaced there by this buyer..)

How would mebers have handled this?

Has anyone dealt with similar experiences selling equipment?--how have u handled it?