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Thread: Need help with a new build!

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    Need help with a new build!

    Here's what it looks like:
    Athlon 64 2800+
    Abit KV8 Max3
    768 MB PC2700
    AIW 9600 Pro
    Western Digital 60GB ATA
    Maxtor 60GB ATA
    hitachi 160 GB SATA HD

    This was working until I tried to throw the SATA into the mix. I followed procedure- pressed F6 right when the XP install disc loaded. However, none of the drivers on the disc satisfied XP, which would not recognize the SATA drive, which was the only drive connected at the time.

    I reconnected the pair of working ATA hard drives, only to find that they don't want to boot anymore. I've formatted and reinstalled xp(as far as the first reboot, anyway) on both hard drives as well as other known-good hard drives.

    I'm running on knoppix right now. Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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    What is the system's power supply wattage rating? You might have too many devices installed that it causes your system to have seizures! Looking at your posted specs, it is heavily loaded and you did not mention how many case fans, lighting, etc. (if it is a modded case). Those are things that must be factored in.

    I've run into this type of problem before and it sounds like the additional device was the thing that caused it to fail. You might need to go and get a higher wattage-rated power supply.


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    Remember, the problem occurred when just the SATA was connected. I don't have enough connectors to have 3 hard drives and two optical drives connected, but for the past month i've had 2 hard drives and 2 optical drives connected with no incidents.

    It seems like it was a faulty cable/adapter(I got my system back up).

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