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Thread: Are You Ready for DDR2?

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    Are You Ready for DDR2?

    Use this forum thread to discuss SysOpt's article, Are You Ready for DDR2?.
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    Am I ready to pay double for RAM that won't even give me that much of a performance increase? No, I am not. I will stick with DDR 333/400 until the price comes way way way down. Just building one of these new P4 systems with LGA775 and DDR2 will be insane, and the difference in performance between that and an A64 system will probably be minimal, if anything at all.
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    Sounds like RAMBUS all over again, at least to begin with.
    Its not so much the ram that needs speeding up, compare the FSB on intel and amd systems, amd have about 1/2 the speed but their chips still perform on par or better than an equivelently priced intel box.

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    They can keep their DDR2. With all the bench marks Iíve seen you need DDR2@667 to see any benefit. Iím sure if you took some BH-5 or some ballistic sticks and gave them timings of 3-4-4-8 you could do 533.

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