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Thread: Windows 95 Routing

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    Windows 95 Routing

    Looking for wired Cable/DSL router to network Windows 95 (P1-166 - Ethernet
    10/100) with new PC. New PC (P4-3000, Gigabit Lan) will, at various times, be
    running Win XP, Win 2000, and Linux. Advised that router needs firewall + PPPOE
    firmware. Will want to share resources (e.g. printer) and files.

    Difficult to research this on my own. Request brand name/url
    recommendations/reviews. Thanks

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    most SOHO routers are FastEthernet. did you want a Gigabit router? it doesn't make sense if only your new pc has gigabit. 100mbps is plenty fast.

    again most SOHO routers have PPPoE capability, NAT firewall, etc. If you want SPI, then that will trim down the selection. You could try something like this:

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    Such a Router belongs to it does Not matter category.

    Ethernet is Ethernet the Router does not care Windows95 or Win2005.

    The main difference between the Entry level Cable/DSL Routers is the number, and range of ports that can be opened through the Hardware Firewall.

    If you are a gamer, and or use applications that need ports opening, it is an issue you have to look at.

    You need to list your special ports opening and check the specs. of each targeted Router to make sure that it can keep these ports Open.

    El Cheapo of the Week: Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router, 802.11b - $19.99 after rebate.

    If you want a more elaborate Router with better VPN, and SPI capacities you have to look at the Top Models of SMC, Linksys, and Netgear etc... They have each a higher level hardware for about $100

    Link to: Cable/DSL Routers - NAT & Ports.

    Otherwise I would go with the lowest price, and the decor:

    If you need Cobalt Blue, get Linksys.

    Dark Blue get, Netgear.

    Nice Gray Silver, get D-Link.

    Futuristic look, get Belkin.

    Battleship Gray, get SMC.

    Humble look, get Siemens SpeedStream, or Hawking.

    In other words there are no real differences between the above.

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