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Thread: RPG PC game recommendation

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    RPG PC game recommendation

    Can anyone recommend some good RPG's for either the PC or PS2? If its for the PC preferably a game that doesnt involve monthly fees. I love games such as final fantasy and diablo II. Any suggestions?

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    Grandia II, if you can still find it. Its similar to Final Fantasy.
    Just click on the picture, then a new window will open. At the bottom of the new window will be several small pictures, highlight these to show what each one represents.
    Only place I can find it is for the PS2.
    Or there's Ebay. Searched

    Some places like GameStop or Babbages might have them still.

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    You didn't specify MMORPGs, so I'll just once again recommend one of the best games ever imho:

    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

    I still play it, even over 1.5 years after buying it for myself for Christmas. The community addons really add to the flavour. A must have.

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    Unless your dead set about not playing pay per month games I would keep an eye on World of Warcraft and Everquest 2. WoW should be coming in a month or so, EQ2 in about 2.

    I know a lot of people gripe about monthly payments, but I personally prefer games primarily based on online play to have monthly payments. Games with fees tend to be have better serves creating less lag, get updates and fixes FAR more frequently, hold a more mature crowd, eliminate cheats and hacks, and have much better in game (and out of game) service.

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    Lineage II ..yes a fee but well worth it.

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    i have to agree with magua games wanting monthly payments are usually worth it in the long run id recommend final fantasy online ..

    you said you liked final fantasy and so do i and let me tell you this game will not let you down its on the ps2 or Pc ..great game
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    I too am looking for a good RPG to play now that exams are over. Ideally it would be fantasy, online, and free to play, but I'm open to suggestions. If not I'll just get Diablo 2 back out of retirement, hopefully everyone is now sick of magic find and rushing PK characters and actually want to play the game.

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