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Thread: Wiring direct from 568a wallplate to switch

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    Wiring direct from 568a wallplate to switch

    How do I run cabling directly from a 568a cat5 wallplate to a 3COM 24-port switch?

    I just punched down 16 wallplates last night at a new office, and now they tell me they didn't order a patch panel. Oh, and can I do it without one?

    I tried several different combinations last night in the wiring closet without success.

    What's the colour configuration for cat5 to go directly into the switch at the switch end?

    Is it OrWh/Or/BlWh/Gr/GrWh/Bl/BrWh/Brn?

    That's the only one I didn't try last night

    Please let me know!



    [EDIT] - I tried that one here at the office today and it doesn't work. Now I'm seriously stumped.
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