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Thread: can't see other computer on network

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    can't see other computer on network

    I have 2 computers that have wireless connections to the router and both can access the internet. However, my main computer does not "see" computer B when I select "view workgroup computers". Computer B does indeed see the main computer, but cannot access it (path not found or administrative privs..or similar type message). The network wizard that winbdows XP has to help you troubleshoot is a joke. Can anyone tell me how to debug this? Here are some answers to question I bet you will ask (BTW I have Win XP on main and win home on computer B).

    1. FIREWALL: I disabled zonealarm on main and problem persists. Computer B has no firewall.
    2. each computer has a unique name but the same workgroup name.
    3. both computers have the same account and password establsihed.
    4. A few months ago I was able to see computer B. Then something happened and it doesnt work. IF I knew what it was I did to make it not work anymore, I wouldn't be typing this message...sorry.

    I also tried this: On my main computer I can successfully ping computer b. Computer B times out when I try to ping my min computer's IP address though.

    I can also type the IP address of computer B in the address bar in any explorer window and the shared folders of computer B are displayed, but if I click "view workgroup computers" it only displays my main computer, not computer B.

    Conclusion: 1, the computers do see each other but the windows
    cannot see the other computer.
    2. The fact that I cant even ping the main from computer B means that the faulty windows problem lies with the main computer and not computer B.

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    Try changing the workgroup name on both once. I had a problem like that once and it worked. Don't know why but it did! Even though both were exactly the same to begin with.

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    A lot of Links concerning Sharing here: Sharing Disk Drives Between Computers on Windows Network.

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    The problem is likey a firewall on the main computer. Keep in mind that sometimes disabling firewalls doesn't always work. Uninstall while troubleshooting. I don't know about ZoneAlarm but some firewalls have such configuration where you enter the ip addresses in the trusted zone. Make sure it is properly configured. Ensure NetBIOS over TCP/IP on all computers.

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