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Thread: Just bought NF7-S and OCZ ram...

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    Just bought NF7-S and OCZ ram...

    Ok, a month ago I bought an NF7 2.0 (No -s)

    It's a great board, but I was running pc2700 ram in it, and OCing a 2500+ to 3200+.... It runs great at 1.8v.

    Here the question, I just bought an NF7-S rev 2.0 and OCZ Enhanced Latency PC3200 from Newegg, Will it run smoother and better than the PC2700?

    Also, What is the difference between the two NICs on the boards, one is MCP-t and one is just MCP.... What's that mean?

    Lastly, Should I use the raid for my HD? Its a 200 GIG Western Dig, and I was wondering if I would see any noticable difference using the RAID feature of the -S...

    Thanks for reading this long @$$ post

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    I highly doubt you will see any noticeable performance between the 2 systems.
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    I agree... You'll notice higher benchmarks, but not worth the money you spend on the upgrade at all. I actually did a similar upgrade a while back. Got a Mobile 2600+ to upgrade my desktop 2500+ and got some low latency PC3200 memory that I can run at 2,2,2,11 instead of what I had which was running at 2.5,3,3,11. Only reason I did it though is becuase my gf needed a computer, so I decided to upgrade mine and give her my old parts. (she's not paying for anything except a monitor, so she can't complain)

    But anyway, all my games and what not played exactly the same. The only difference I saw was higher 3dmark 2001 scores.

    Oh, and the MCP vs MCP-T is describing the southbridge chip. The MCP-T has soundstorm audio, the MCP does not. I believe thats the biggest difference between the two.

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