Hi all,

This summer, i am working ona project that incorporates a server with RAIDed drives. RAID 1 to be exact.

I have many question regarding the setup and use of the machine.

Keep in mind it has not yet been built.

I want to use this motherboard:

MSI Neo2-PFS (Platinum Edition)

with an Intel Pentium 4 2.8C

plus 1GB of Kingston PC3200

Promise PCI-SATA RAID Controller Card FastTrak S150 TX4

Supermicro 5-Bay Hot-Swap SATA HDD Enclosure CSE-M35T-1B

and two

Western Digital 200GB SATA Hard Drive Model WD2000JD

I have a few questions concerning compatibility between the chosen hardware as well as some other questions.

First, will the motherboard accept the RAID card and be able to boot from it?

Second, will the Hot-Swappable Enclosure work with the RAID card?

Third, can a RAIDed drive be hot-swapped?

Fourth, would a board with onboard RAID be better than a PCI card?

Thanks all.