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Thread: Corsair Appeals to Tweakers With New Memory Modules

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    Corsair Appeals to Tweakers With New Memory Modules

    so can i just put this memory into my mobo that i have just now. my mobo being an 875P chipset. and get the full performance gain from it.

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    Yes, provided you take whatever else you have out.

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    I was just wondering how much of a performance gain would I get If I upgraded from Kingston 333mhz 2-3-3-6 ram to this nice Corsair 400mhz 2-2-2-5.

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    Not enough to justify the cost... Put it this way, you'll notice it in benchmarks, thats about it. I had Corsair PC2700 that I was overclocking to PC3200 speeds, but had to run 2.5 3 3 11 at that speed. I build a PC for a friend with my spare parts, used my PC2700 in her PC and got some PC3200 Corsair XMS that can do 2 2 2 5. So I ran it at 2 2 2 11 (nForce2 baords seem to like 11 best) and I noticed higher 3dmark 2001 scores, but i could not actually "tell" the difference.

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