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Thread: PC3200 compatibility, is Dell unique?

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    PC3200 compatibility, is Dell unique?

    Ive decided to build another PC around the ABit AN7 MB which seems to be highly regarded.

    I'll take the XP-2700+ from the slow KM266 based board I have now.

    I have a chance to buy some Samsung 256M PC3200 DDR from a Dell Dimension 4600c and wonder if they are compatible with the ABit board.

    What is a safe o'clock for this setup and which coolers do you guys suggest?

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    The RAM will work.

    Your overclock depends on many factors, greatest of which is the CPU. The 2700+ TBred is not terribly overclockable. Try the OC forum for more info.

    Any large Thermalright HSF will work. You can choose both a quiet and a fast fan and experiment.

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    If you have an unlocked 2700+, that's the key. You'll know right away when you try to change a mulitpler. Set the mulipler for 11x, just as if it were and XP3200. FSB @ 200, muliplier at 11. vcore @ 1.75., lock AGP/PCI, If you get a boot and it seems to run ok as an XP3200 then you can try to increase the multipler to 11.5. If it still seems to run fine try lowering vcore to 1.675 and prime 95 you machine (stability test) for 8 hours. Timings to start should be at 2.5 8-4-4 or so, then when you dial in the speeds you want try to tighten the timings some. Try 2.5 7-3-3. You might have to bump vdimm to 2.6

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