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Thread: External US Robotics modem: keep connecting at 26k; why?

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    External US Robotics modem: keep connecting at 26k; why?

    Hello folks,

    I recently installed a us robotics 56k modem on a friends PC and tested it; it dialed successfully at ~55k.

    However when we moved the PC to the friends home and connected it, she kept connecting at ~23-25k.

    Anyone have any guests on what's going on?

    OS: Win 2K


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    Replace the phone cord for $1.00

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    Run a new line from the box outside to the plug at the does not cost that much. And them you will know that much is not a problem.
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    Here's a few things to check...

    Most likely line noise, try unplugging all other phones in the house an try it, any florestant lights? >>> bad for modems. motors can cause line noise....refrigerators or heater etc.... Bad phone lines in house, the phone plug can be bad or the phone socket could be bad. Check to see if the connection at the telco box is good.

    After unplugging the phones put 1 at a time back in an try it. Phones with memories can eat up the phone line voltage an reduce gain.

    Is the computer near unshielded speakers?

    I had interferance from next store, he was running motors in his shop an itwas causeing interferance in my phone lines, since were friends we put in AC line filters at his shop an this stopped the interferance.

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