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Thread: Network login from other computer

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    Network login from other computer

    Hey I have 4 computers networked in my house. 3 have windows 2K and 1 has windows 98. I added all the users / kids computer names to my users in settings. and we could all get into each others systems. But after so long it starts asking for a user name and passwork. which none of us have . How do I get it so I can just connect without all the logining in all the time or trying to figure out names??

    Like now I connect to my daughters. It says" incorrect password or unknown usersname for //Tiffany " ??? even if I put her name in. the kids computer are named after the kids. so it's Robby, Randy and tiffany. yet Randy's is the only one we all can connect to he has 98 windows running. the rest HUH I'm not sure why but won't connect..
    any ideals

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    Thread moved...

    Please read the sticky's in this forum...

    Originally posted by BipolarBill

    1. All PCs must be in the same workgroup.

    2. You must have shares established on the Win2K/XP machine.

    3. Win98 PCs must be logged on using Client for Microsoft Networks as the Primary logon in Networking - none of that "Cancel" stuff!

    4. The username and password used on the Win98 machines must be known to the Win2K/XP machine. In other words, you must either log on to Win98 with the same username and password as Win2K/XP or add the username and password in Win2K/XP using the Users and Password/Groups applet in Control Panel.

    Good luck!

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