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Thread: Building new computer suggestions.

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    Building new computer suggestions.

    Hello, I'm trying to build a computer for my friend who wants to keep the total cost under 600 dollars and i was hoping that you guys could give me some suggestions. Well, the only thing he wants definate is for me to build it with a 3000+ 333fsb amd processor. Dont ask me, i dont know why he wants that processor, but that knocks out around 130 dollars, so i'm left with 470 dollars for a MB, heatsink, videocard, 60-80gb hd, case, ram, and a dvd rom. He wants something thats fast, so he can run some simulation **** he does for his job. Well anyway, Any suggestions would be appricated. Thanks

    This was what I was leaning towards so far, but feel free to lead me in another direction.
    MB - gigabyte ga-7n400-l or msi k7n2 delta-l
    videocard- nvidia fx5200 or fx 5600
    ram- kingston 512mb pc-2700
    dvd- some generic brand
    hd- western digital 80gb
    heatsink- not sure yet, something under 30 dollars
    case- not sure yet.
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