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Thread: Morning Reboots due to dropped Network Connections

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    Morning Reboots due to dropped Network Connections

    Found this nice site through Google and I'm hoping you all can help me with my little problem.

    I work with a company that has four WinXP Pro machines on a domain governed by a Win2k3 machine. The server handles basic domain authentication, printer serving and file sharing. Also, Symantec AntiVirus server is running.

    Each morning, the folks at the office have to reboot their machines. Each computer seems to lose touch with the server, but instaed of displaying "Cannot find Network", The flashlight we all know and love runs back and forth and back and forth and back...

    I've tried disabling Computer Browser, and that seemingly had no effect. Am I missing something here? What is causing this to happen. The computers are all different types, so I am wondering what the problem might be. One person actually maintains dilligence and shuts down at the end of the night, and their connection is always fine when they turn it on in the morning.

    The network is being governed by a DLink DL+614 wireless/wired router.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me. I hope to hear from you all soon.

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    Make sure power managemeant is disabled on the network cards.

    Right click on my comuter>>>properties>>>hardware>>>find the network adaptor and right click>>properties>>>advanced.

    Make sure that it is not checked for the computer to control the power for that device.

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