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Thread: How to install drivers in Mandrake 9.2

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    How to install drivers in Mandrake 9.2

    Hey guys, total Linux newbie here. Just installed Mandrake 9.2 today on a 2.4Ghz Pentium 4. It's running smoothly, I am posting this from it right now. But.....I have NO clue how to install anything. I downloaded Linux drivers for my nVidia Geforce 4 and the filename is:

    Now my next question. What do I do with it, and if I have to do anything BEFORE installing this new driver. Keep in mind I know NOTHING about Linux as far as the navigating and installing and such. But I am very hardware oriented so that's not a problem. Just learning how to use Linux as well as I use Windows XP Pro would be nice. Go easy on me!

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    Went through the same thing a couple weeks ago with my GF3 drivers. NVIDIA has directions on their web site on how to install, but it is very complicated.

    I couldn't get mine to work because my motherboard chipset is not supported by the new kernel yet, but soon will be I hope.

    NVIDIA How To

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